Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen.

Sort of.When I was sixteen,I was rather the odd one out.While other kids were getting into trouble and between boyfriends I was studying hard,well on my way to becoming a doctor.At first,as I entered secondary school,I felt for sure that I could be a lawyer,and a damn good one at that.I enjoyed politics and history very much but didn’t find pleasure in the debate team i tried my hand at.Afterwards I got bitten by the bug as they say.I liked learning the sciences and being able to help people was an added bonus.

But then as I got through my pre degree general sciences course in Uni,I realized that I would enjoy Pharmacy so much more,adding to the fact that I didn’t like touching people as studying Medicine would require.Pharmacy appealed to me in the way that I could handle prescriptions and the medications along with it.I knew I made a right choice with Pharmacy ,even with all these bumps along the way.Obviously,its the kind of degree that requires effort and perseverance.Thankfully,these traits run in my nature.Hopefully,in a few years time I’ll be blogging as a pharmacist with an expanded array of hobbies to write about.



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