I’v always been a huge fan of Girls ever since that arresting pilot in season One.This season opens with Hanna and Elijah spooning,obviously showing how great a choice having him moving in with her was.They seem to be getting along just great.To be honest,I didn’t like Elijah’s immaturity and cattiness at first but he’s slowly growing on me.Maybe it’s the way he can handle Hanna’s indecisive tendencies.The guy tells it like it is,the way a bitchy roommate is supposed to,and does all of it without appearing condescending the way Marnie often is to Hanna.Hanna is in a new relationship with a very delicious looking black man now,a decision I’m sure was a response to some observing the cast of Girls as being “too white”.Hanna is making this relationship a bigger deal than it actually is,forbidding him from saying the word “LOVE”.The guy is black,yes we get that.Now how about give him some more room to show off any semblance of a personality he may have?Whatever they are to each other,its blinking obvious Hanna’s wearing the pants in it with her all too familiar flakiness.and control issues.Apparently she’s wanting to gain some control back after the trainwreck that was her and Adam.It’s no surprise that Hanna is still relatively talking to Adam,taking up a Florence Nightingale responsibility for his injury.Boring…Any self respecting girl would just leave the guy to his own devices.After all that emotional mess they went through together,I would think a trial separation would be in order.

Hanna and Elijah throw a party together and in walks Shoshanna..what is up with that thing on her head,by the way?..Shosh,as she is fondly known, is resentful to Ray who freaked out at her Emoji vomit but of course the two just can’t stay away from each other and later make out for a bit.Yeay!!.Honestly the only thing remotely fascinating about this whole 30 minute episode  is the awkward but likeable chemistry between Ray and Shoshanna. Marnie is coming to terms with no boyfriend,no job and now…no Hanna.It’s about time the perfect,together one of the group experiences life’s letdowns and go on to a less travelled path.The woman made out with the gay and proud Elijah,for goodness sake.There’s no telling where Marnie’s character will go from here.Perhaps a long awaited rendezvous with Booth Jonathan somewhere along the road?Jess is only seen for a few seconds as she and her painfully dull husband arrive home from their honeymoon,drooling all over each other like a couple of hormonal teenagers.Still not past the honeymoon phase it seems.

Tough love on all corners,I admit.But remember that awesome pilot that flowed perfectly and grabbed my attention?..Yeah I was expecting that,not this.

Still holding on to hope that the next episodes won’t be a letdown anymore.That and fewer sex scenes of Miss Dunham please.


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