It was just another YSL fashion show featuring  winners of the genetic lottery in too crazy for words expensive attire.But a prominent member of the social networking world pointed out how “shockingly thin’ the model above is.

Now I may not be knowledgeable about anorexia or its male counterpart ‘manorexia’  (who comes up with these silly gender biased terms anyways?you don’t see a male obese person being classified as mobese..) but I do know a thing or two about feelings.For all we know,the individual above could well be naturally thin and gaunt.I know most male models are more lean and muscular but this guy obviously isn’t selling swimwear.If in that case,then a better choice of models would be the hunky dude.

I am aware that some claim the fashion industry as being a huge influence to people suffering from eating disorders,but to simply point out to one individual who I might add,you know nothing about is nothing short of baseless degrading.

Besides,a model is a model.And the purpose of the industry is to sell clothes,so models are pretty much like hangers with a pre determined sample size to show off the clothes to their best potential,not the hangers.

Let’s just call a spade a spade.Not an axe.


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