So this three month holiday has been ok so far.Nothing too exciting really but I did get influenced by The Food Network and am a work in progress in the kitchen.Look out Nigella!  🙂 Now if only I can perfect my potato peeling skills….

A month from now and I’ll be back in Australia,starting another semester.I have a lot to make up for after last semester rediscovering how to be a uni student the hard way.I took some time off and seemed to have lost the hang of it,my less than desirable results really  speaks for itself.But on the bright side,I did manage to stay a part of the institution.So all is not lost as far as I am concerned.Just need to apply myself better this time around and for years to come.Making sure I’m staying positive and one step ahead like I used to be in my school years.She’s slowly recovering and set to make a huge comeback.2013 is my year,I can just feel it in my bones.

Of course I’ve started studying already,how very NERDY of me..yes,but its a good sign that the old me is back,the familiar awfully neurotic and super organized person who lost her way a while back.This semester entails an intense study of Organic Chemistry as well as basic Pharmaceutics.Yes,they’re as challenging as they sound,but not impossible.

Academics aside,I still feel that I have to lose some more weight.The last ten pounds.Insanity workout and pilates has been quite grueling,but the outcome is worth it.Before i come off sounding too much like a lose weight NOW! program commercial,I’d just like to say that truth is,exercise  and good healthy food really is key.All those fad diets and pills are a load of bull.This coming from a Pharmacy undergrad.

Feels weird saying that..When I graduate,I won’t be known as an overgrad,but how come there isn’t the term pre-grads.Now there’s a thought…


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