Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Fly Me To The Moon (Love Song,The Cure)

Because if you ask me how much I love you,I would say “To the moon and back”

Yes,thats very cheesy indeed.But allow me to finish.

I think of all the times,good,bad and everything in between and I thank the Lord above for giving me not the best Mother in the world..I usually hate it when people say that because its like saying other mothers pale in comparison.So let me rephrase it my way…Thank you Allah for giving the best mother for ME,who completes me and my unique imperfections..Speaking of that,I am a perfectionist..and I know I’ve messed up more than a few times in my quest for perfection..but I still often find the need to demand more from you.I’m always amazed by your serenity.You just shrug it off and wonder “Where do you get it from?”..and then calmly return to your telenovela.Come to think of it,It’s rare to see you ever explode at all.

Another trait of yours that I don’t have is the ability to repress my feelings.I’ve been frankly honest for most of my life,especially if I feel that I’m being treated with far less respect than I give out to people.Unfortunately,this has caused me to have continuous issues with friends as well as family.But you taught me to never hold onto grudges and because of that I could never hold anything against anyone….no matter how bad things got.I owe all of my long standing friendships to you and your words of wisdom.

Your warmth,the way you try your best to understand me and a whole lot of other things that you do…How can I ever repay you? Well I can’t..but that doesn’t mean I should stop trying.

I haven’t seen you for fourteen days now.Usually I’m used to the long absences what with studying abroad for most of my adult years.But after two whole months of waking up to the sound of your voice reading the Quran and now suddenly almost three weeks of deafening silence…I must say this time I’m more excited to be there at that waiting lounge tomorrow.

But more importantly I love that we have a great relationship.And that I can call you my best friend,not just my mother.


(There she is in the background peeking behind me.She can be so cheeky sometimes…)


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