Its extremely irritating to have to choose between two friends who recently broke up.There’s  the hanging out with the rest of us trying very hard not to kill each other.And we’re stuck in the middle coming up with lame conversation starters to ease the tension.

See this is the reason why I don’t recommend falling hard for guy friends.Strictly platonic is how I roll.If it works out,awesome.You get a boyfriend who started as a friend therefore there’s none of the brutal getting to know each other’s quirks phase.

But,what if it doesn’t work out?Then all you’re both left with is a group of mutual friends who try their hardest to not appear as if they’re choosing sides.Which is challenging..especially in the beginning,where of course they don’t want to be in the same room with the other person.And its  the mere understanding that the mutual friends are expected to hang out with each of the two separately, devoting even more time and money than before they broke up.They’re gonna have to find a way to get through this eventually.I’m not losing either of chance.

I love you guys,but I  just want this storm to pass already.



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