There were the ones who warned me “Don’t you dare change and forget about me..or else.I fckn mean it”..I remember laughing it off while I checked my final “To Do List”.thinking you’re crazy.Things won’t change.I’ll be back for holidays and we can always pick up where we left off.Besides,theres always Facebook,Skype,etc.etc.

But that was then.Don’t get me wrong,I enjoy the holidays just as much as the next international student.I come home with high hopes,always looking forward to seeing old friends.Most of them are still the same,joyful and fun to be around.There are exceptions of course.. the ones who warned me not to change,they’re the ones who upset me the most.The irony of it all..I don’t blame them though.I understand life happens.And with life comes new commitments,obligations,and of course new mindsets resulting from different communities that we’ve all been separated into.We grew up.In the process,unfortunately we also drifted apart.

But I guess drifting apart is something I can’t avoid.As sad as that is.


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