“She killed her son”..the headline read.

The moment she left him she didn’t know she would unleash the fury of a nation.Going online she read so many accusations of her and her husband’s supposed negligence.As if they weren’t already wrecked with guilt that had kept them awake at night and aimless in the day.Her only hope was that somehow God ,or whatever higher power there was out there was keeping watch of her son.Her precious little boy.

Walking into his room was most depressing for her.His toys,his clothes.Would he be needing his sweater where he was.And what about his little teddy bear,the one he cuddled at night as he slept..Was he sleeping well?Was he eating?..And most worrying of all,Was he even alive still?….That particular question she tried her hardest to ignore.All she wanted was to go back in time and change what had been done.

The most dreadful news came one night and with it her whole world crumbled.They found him.His little,lifeless body floating in the water.

“She killed her son” They shouted accusingly.After today life would continue.The birds would continue to chirp and the little children laughing will soon grow to become parents with offspring of their own.

Except her young boy.He will never go on to become a pilot,just as he had always wanted to be as he cheerfully  flung his plastic airplane in the air.

And her life will never be the same.

This post was based on the real life tragedy of  the late Wiliam Yau  from Malaysia.RIP

and to all the missing children of the world.Gone but never forgotten.


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