All this snowing in Europe and most parts of the Northern Hemisphere remind me of a time when I was there to experience it all.I was studying in Manchester,UK where I fostered an appreciation for football but more about that later..The night I was studying I heard noises outside.It was late so I thought it was just a couple of  uni students back from the pub.Then I looked out my window and saw SNOW!!!..That was the first time I’d experience snow since a few number of years of living in Boston back when I was a toddler.

I would start the day with Nutella hot chocolate which is awesome,and have it again for lunch and dinner..So goes the first few days of winter for me.The cold is not something I could easily get used to.There were times when I wore up to four layers of clothes to class,my British friends had a good laugh at that one.

Sir Charles Groves Hall.Manchester.I stayed here for a year

The next few weeks were bearable,made better when my mom and brother came over to visit me.The best thing about them being around was that apart from the not having to worry about lunch money(lets be honest,haha) was that I didn’t feel so lonely anymore and of course everything was familiar.I have anxiety issues sometimes but that disappears when I’m around family.

Anyways,the snow wasn’t thick enough to build a snowman but I still tried to make a snow angel which freaked my mum because she was sure the snow wasn’t clean enough..We’re from Malaysia where its summer all year so you can understand her concern.

Attempting snow angels
Attempting snow angels

After the snow angel attempt went bust,we ended up just kicking the snow which was fun,though a bit lame.But hey it was a snow day so really there wasn’t anyone around to witness the silliness.

That's one of the buildings of University of Manchester..
That’s one of the buildings of University of Manchester..

Winter is so picturesque,don’t you think….

mother and brother
mother and brother

The way things are going right now,I don’t think its a good time to start planning a trip to Europe just yet.But maybe in the future,who knows


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