I’ve had my days.The ones where I stop and take a serious look at my life choices.

Had I chosen him instead of you would I be half as happy as I am now?

If I hadn’t chosen a faraway land for Uni would I have turned out the same or would be I more understanding,less questioning?..and dare I say it,less rebellious?

If I had replied to that job offer would I be just another one of those 9-5 slaves dreading Mondays or would I be content,finally ?

And the one I think about the most,if I had died from almost drowning at 8 years old… would anyone miss me?

I could go on forever with more questions.But the thing is no matter how long my list gets.. its always pointless.I made decisions and I can’t turn back now.

So I’ll just stick to those decisions and we’ll see what happens.


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