Did you or have you ever thought about having an arranged marriage?Why would you do it.Would it be because of tradition or something else entirely?.Why do people hate the idea so much.I’m not saying I’m against it or not but as always with these type of posts,recent events happen and got me thinking.

I can’t say that I have facts and figures to make for a good argument but I will tell you that one of my friends has decided to go down that path,and rest assured the groom isn’t old and ugly with two wives and a dozen children already.He’s actually a pretty average kinda guy with decent looks and of appropriate age.

This friend has done the whole romance with the love of her life stage and got burned,badly.So she did what most sensible people do,take a break to heal and get over it.Somewhere along the line,a cousin very subtly suggests a blind date with another relative of hers on the other side of the family.No pressure,just a date.Apparently,all along,the women in the family have been planning the whole thing.Fortunately for them the two people who actually had to like each other for their plan to work did just that.

I’ve only met the guy once and didn’t get a chance to get to know him better.Of course being the awesome friend I am,I’m protective and more than a little curious why he agreed to it,not to mention the history of his love life.But for now,lets just give him the benefit of the doubt.Besides,its not like they’re entering marriage completely not knowing one another.

This is so exciting and scary.But then again,don’t most courtships start out that way?


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