Sorry for the lengthy absence.I officially started uni again and am now finally getting my head around things..Apart from the usual uni stuff which I will not discuss here thank your lucky stars… I also celebrated a close friend’s birthday party recently.It was supposed to be a costume party but my very much loved Wonder Woman ensemble just didn’t fit the way it used to.So,to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and possibly stealing the birthday girl’s thunder ( queue awkward laughter..umm ok)  I decided to wear this gorgeous (safe) number instead.


Here I am on your left side with my homegirl Divs.Don’t you just love genuinely candid photos?? I sure do.It was awesome catching up with my fellow pharmacy nerds and basically downing a few (syhhh).


And here’s our lady of the night dressed as Audrey Hepburn captured by yours truly looking very happy indeed alongside her Dark Knight decked out boyfriend.

Unfortunately,there was no Batmobile in sight so I went home in an average taxi instead.

Thats it for now.Have an awesome (almost) weekend,guys


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