Those six months tops kind of sort of not so much relationship type of things.Some people love them,others are just disgusted by the thought.Whether or not you agree with them,they happen.and they are here to stay.Some are lucky,they enter into it very nonchalant you see,like ok I’m in.then I’m out and onto the next big thing.Until something happens and then boom!It hits them like a train wreck.totally fast,unassuming and completely unexpected.LOVE.

ok,maybe not completely Hollywood movie unexpected cliche but you know what I mean.They all say “I never saw it coming” and manage to ride off into the sunset of a fulfilling and committed actual relationship that ironically was what they were avoiding the whole time,prior to that heart stopping epiphany of actual real feelings of affection and attachment.One might wonder if miracles do exist and the self proclaimed free spirit is actually just a wall with a conventional relationship type on the other side just bursting to get out.

But most of the time,both parties eventually part ways,never to see or hear from one another ever again.Which is fine considering they have a mutual understanding of the way things are meant to end.Just picking up the pieces after they’ve grown tired of what made them so attracted to each other in the beginning.And then continuing life without any trace of a fling being had.

Yet somehow,there’s also that rare occasion where one of the two and I mean only one, falls for the other.And that other person,well not so much.And in this case you can’t actually blame the one loved because it was rather obvious what they were to each other,certainly no one made any mention of a relationship..but what of the one who has,unfortunately fallen in love?Do you just let go or do you be all “well I’m a fighter not a lover but I’ll fight for what I love‘ type.So an ultimatum is made and someone disappears to go lick off wounds..Well,can’t say these wounds were self inflicted because,after all,a fling is a fling.No one expects to fall in love in flings but sometimes people just end doing exactly that even if the object of your affection apparently missed cupid’s list this time around.It’s harsh,especially when there’s no one else to blame for you feeling that enticing emotion that has no place here.And to move on from this one is maybe even worse than to move on from a conventional ‘real’ relationship.A worst type of unrequited love where unabashed lust somehow along the road,turned into affection.Selfish yes,because the kind that is mutual would turn a person into the most selfless he or her has ever been.

Its harder than you’d think.Almost like a trap.Once you’re caught in,the invincible cage just holds you through the rough period of recovery.and then you heal and tend to be more cautious around strangers.

Trust me, I would know

So I guess like most things worthwhile,enter at your own risk.


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