At the end of a relationship theres the beginning of the getting over the heartbreak stage.and then theres the sadness.its the “I can do so much better” phase.And don’t forget the all too famous “I wish I’d never met him/her”.This is in no particular order of course,that would depend on individual since all the friends I know move on from exes differently.

What interests me is the “I wish I’d never met him/her” part.I’ve said it,as most people have.The belief that had I not met that man at that exact point in my life,I  would be better off in the long run since I would have at least been a spared the painful and what seemed to be a completely unnecessary experience of heartbreak.

But then after I’ve had my obsessive analyzing with my girlfriends over what went wrong and obligatory large tubs of ice cream,I realize that

you know what?

I know what I want in a relationship now.I know what makes me delighted and what pisses me off when I’m someone’s significant other.Granted,no one is perfect but at the same time you can’t argue that two imperfect people can’t come together in a committed and fulfilling relationship,with flaws of course.

So,unless the person you were with was a complete psycho abusive criminal type and/or lesser than average human being than I don’t think theres a point in saying that line. “I wish I’d never met him/her”.

because as bad and cliche as this may sound,its all a learning a curve.


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