I haven’t posted for the longest time.Had my hands full with uni and the job hunt as well as house hunting for next semester.I really love where I am staying at the moment and my landlord is an absolutely lovely person. but I can’t see myself living here until graduation.Without giving out too many personal details about my landlord and her kids,lets just say that the kids are growing up and I certainly don’t want to still be around while a young adolescent boy is figuring out puberty.You know what I mean i’m sure.

So the search begins again.I know for a fact that my mum would prefer it if I moved back on campus but I hate how expensive the internet is there.I mean,who in their right mind can live on 1Gb of Internet for two weeks?? Not in 2013 at least.

I might have to stay here until November because I should be studying for most of May as exams are coming in June.Living alone has always been  a dream of mine.The privacy and seeing how things are arranged the way I like them to be.

But I don’t know if I can afford it right now.The best option i have is to find a house share or a flat share.That way I can save up a bit money while I search for a job.And living with other people is not a problem for me,I’ve had plenty of experience in that.

I should let any potential flatmate know that I’m the type who enjoys cooking and loves things clean and tidy,preferably organized.No,I’m not a total Monica Gellar I’m not that crazy but I can relate and understand where she’s coming from.What I don’t like is a house of more than four people all sharing one toilet.all girls as well..The average girl has about at least three bath products so I don’t know how they manage.

We shall see how it goes.




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