It hit me today.Regrets are not only waste of time,but also a waste of the present that is now staring back,like a hopeful child in a candy store.Looking around me and seeing how endless the possibilities are,its true what that dude said.”Regrets are crippling you from living in the present” or something like that.I know I’ll never get those months back and maybe its time I admit to that and forgive myself once and for all.And by forgiveness I don’t just mean me,because it would be silly to think that the people around me  and my immediate environment at the time didn’t end up influencing my choices.To live in a bubble of self denial is to claim sole responsibility for everything yet it is a fact that everyday I interact with different people with various reactions to me.So I forgive them,because I don’t think I’d be where I am today without all the pain and joy,in equal measures .That’s the only way I can live in peace and move ahead.I’ll make more mistakes that’s for sure.But here’s having faith that maybe next time around I’ll be experienced enough to know not to make the same ones.


So,lets pretend this glass of water is actually champagne and heres a toast to the present.


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