Times flies when you’re having fun.Thats what they say.i wonder that if its possible to say that time is at its slowest when you’re trying your hardest to make yourself busy at the same time crossing off the days of the calendar while the days pass.I’m sure everyone is looking forward to something in their lives.It could be a big event like a wedding to the smallest detail such as trying out a new restaurant.Whatever it is,so many of us so ardently wish for time to pass,saying how “I can’t wait”.

Well what about the present?What about the people in the next room to you right this very minute?I get so busy counting down the days until the next test I tend to overlook the effect I’m leaving to people around me.

I can tell you right now that I there’s kids in the house and today I looked at them with a smile and tried my best to help put together a long train set for them to play with instead of just shrugging off and continue studying.That happened because this morning I reminded myself that even though time passes (and boy does it pass slowly for this semester to be over) I would at least remember the details of my present and leave the best effect I can to the people around me at the present time.It may be just a small detail but a little bit goes a long way.

Take tonight for example :

N (name protected ), my landlord,cooked dinner in peace and maybe for once not get stressed and reach for another vodka glass because I helped put together the train set.

So you get my point yet?


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