That fever that makes even eating pointless.What’s the point if i’m just going to get rid of it all later.So really all i do is lie here and try to sleep it off again.i know the best cure is the way i have a sneaky suspicion..i think people who say that just want an easy way out of caring for a sick relative in hope that the sick die in their sleep so everyone else can move on with life accordingly.but seriously,how many naps is required of a sick person anyways?..

television is bad because i get headaches from too much of the glaring screen plus my eyes water at the sheer boredom of it all.Who knew reality tv was still relevant.Anyways,I’ve resulted to reading a book.yes,how very 1998 of me i know.

its called Making Medicines.Indeed I am interested in the history of the pharmacists and all that.But I’m sure you can tell that the sole purpose of me even reading through this first paragraph is so that maybe i’ll eventually fall asleep.

I’m sick.I think I’m allowed to be cranky.


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