I found my first online journal today,back when I was 15.full of hopes and dreams for the future.Naive at best,disillusioned at worst.

At that age,I wanted to be a doctor.fast forward a year later and I couldn’t stand to see the poor frog,lying there inside out,literally.But my interest in medicines and the like is still obvious so i chose the pharmacy route.

Also other anecdotes about wanting to meet members of backstreet boys.Yup,TeamBSB right here.Little did I know those guys would not age well as time went by and that my interest in music would shift further away.

I know theres much to be proud of,I’ve emerged from my past stronger than ever and am now in uni again.and studying abroad has been priceless regardless of the journey I’ve been through.So here I am..

Refreshed,ready to start again.

Also,I noticed at 15,I didn’t post an entry into the journal about love,marriage.family etc etc.Those kind of things a typical 20 something would have achieved by now.

Well,I guess I must have known even back then that that part of my life would turn out the way it is now.Messy,to say the least.






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