“She’s so skinny.She must have an eating disorder”

“She’s huge and she’s eating alone.I bet she  ate everyone that tries to be friends with her”

I actually heard that second line while browsing in a shopping mall.There was a group of seemingly harmless teenage girls testing makeup on one another until one of them uttered the very words I wrote above.

How in the world did society get so mean and judgemental? They didn’t even know their victim personally.She could have been suffering from a metabolic disease,and yes she was larger in size but that doesn’t give anyone the right to ridicule and point.As if she didn’t realise her physical appearance already.

What’s also upsetting is that people often think its okay to pick on a skinny person,not obese individuals.Why?well if someones skinny then that somehow justifies the bullying and name calling since they obviously are that way on purpose…?I don’t think so.Not all lithe frames are the result of an eating disorder.The skinny people that I have  come to know and call my dear friends are blessed with a high metabolism and therefore no amount of food could ever affect their jeans size.I admit,I do get jealous at times of what I assume to be a level of superiority they have over curvier girls like myself,but thats just the grass being greener on the side.Apparently,they complain about not being able to fill a tight dress in ‘all the right places’ if you know what I mean.I ,on the other hand,have no problem with this.Again,the grass next door thing.But really,it boils down to genetics and other factors I’m sure Google can amuse us all with.

I don’t see the point in ridiculing someone else’s body.If thats funny and makes you feel good then you have bigger problems to worry about.I like to use the future as a warning.Who is to say you won’t find yourself skinny or large in appearance a few years down the line.We just can’t tell for sure that the image in the mirror staring back at us will always remain that way..karma is a beautiful bad ass bitch just waiting to creep up on you.

when they say sticks and stones may break bones but words can never hurt..Well guess what?Thats not true at all.


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