Hello again.

I spent my saturday night evading calls.Calls to go out and party,get wasted like the average twenty something is expected to do on weekends.And also an invite to go workout at the gym,exercise hardcore along with those committed enough to hit the treadmill,at such an unusual time of the week.You know,the ones who mean business and you can just feel the competitiveness looming there.I usually spend most of the time figuring out how to use those intimidating gym equipment with the incredibly toned figure on the manual attached to some part of the machine thingy.

At clubs?I do enjoy a night out don’t get me wrong.I love dancing,the drinking bit(ehemmm)and the raw sexual energy on a crowded dance floor.Let’s be real.Its all fun and what happens in a nightclub,stays within the walls of the nightclub.But thats not to say I’m keen on spending all weekends of the month there.

While i’m on the topic,let me just admit something most of us are far too embarrassed to say : The people who pressure us to workout and mind the calories are just as annoying as the ones who constantly drag us to go out and get absolutely wasted with booze and shake it awkwardly to horrible clubbing tracks.

Again,there’s nothing wrong with being a fitness buff and/or party animal,everyone to their own devices.But to force someone else into it,thats just annoying.

Judge me all you want but last night I simply didn’t feel like participating in either activities.Not clubbing,not working out.Especially on a saturday night like yesterday where I much preferred to stay in bed in my onesie and have a lovely threesome with Mr Ben and Mr Jerry.

Ask again next Saturday?



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