I always see married couples happily walking hand in hand,laughing together at inside jokes when I’m single.When I’m in a relationship,I see groups of ladies together also happy and joyful.Bear in mind that I have no idea what each of their relationship status is,I just assume they are all singletons about to paint the town red or however you say it.

For the long term couples,especially the grandparent age ones(here’s assuming you have been together for at least 40 years..you know)I have questions …


1)How did you know she/he was THE one?

2)How did everyone else in your life (family,friends,pet..etc) react to your choice of spouse?If they weren’t supportive,how then did you handle with that?Do you patiently go through with it and be nice hoping that someday they will come around?

3)Do you know each other’s subway sandwich preference by heart?

4)If she/he were ill and only still breathing by life support and then asked you to pull the plug …would you do it?

5)Would you have gone through all the heartbreak,the confusion,the arguments,the obstacles,etc etc all over again just to relive the few good times in between?

6)What makes or breaks a long term relationship?

7)Who mostly gets the remote?

8)Parent and spouse both need you at the same time.Who do you help first?

9)Is it important to have similarities in a long term relationship?

10) Is it true that opposites attract?

11)How long did the honeymoon phase last before you realized ‘here comes the real work’

12)How do you work out arguments?

13)How do work out which family home to visit for the holidays?

14)How do you deal with an insecure spouse?

15)How do you deal if you ARE the insecure one?

16)Does absence make the heart go fonder or is it more out of sight,out of mind?

17)Did your spouse ever cheat on you?How do you get over the infidelity?

18)Why do some people choose marriage while others are more comfortable with a long term committed relationship without marriage?

19)What is an open relationship?Would it ever work ?

20)Long distance relationships.Have you ever been in it and how did you make it work?

21)What are the deal breakers that means a relationship cannot commence between a newly dating pair that happen to enjoy each other’s company?Religion?Decision to have children or not?Unequal income?And..dare I say it..ethnicity?







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