They told me,the world is yours and this journey is going to be awesome.But they never gave me a manual to get through all the confusion and the heartbreak.There’s no proper guide to spot Mr.Right,just some silly articles in way overpriced ladies’ magazines.Going to uni and I realize that even the uni can’t tell you for sure that the degree you’re seeking will promise a life of contentment and fulfilled hopes and goals post convocation day.

And what of the friendships I work so hard to improve and maintain?Who is to say that somewhere long the line we won’t drift apart and then take the easy way out by claiming  “Well,I’ve just been SOOO busy but we should definitely catch up sometime” 

Why is it that I have to learn from my previous mistakes?Why is it that I tend to finally cherish loved ones after I’ve lost them?Why not get it right the first time? 

I should probably start wearing a shirt that says “CAUTION”.




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