google “how to handle a breakup” and I’ll bet my best shoes that the article you click recommends a no contact phase.And yes,I was pathetic enough to actually do that.The experience has not been easy ladies..I was so used to texting him at least once a day,stalking his facebook every other minute and of course thinking about him for most of the day.No  contact demands that there is no stalking,no texting,no calling,none of the usual obsessive girlfriend exploits.

So what did I DO to prevent myself from going down the destructive path of texting Him??I spend my time on new things like taking swimming classes and baking and running ,doing more pilates and hanging out with my friends more.and now i’m updating this blog!(no big deal he doesnt know i have a wordpress) .’Do something productive’ these articles shout! well,i’d like to think that the productivity streak continues even after I’ve completely past the initial breakup stage..but thats just me.

Technically,It’s been a week since i last spoke to him…yeay me!!


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