I’m not one of those lucky people who suffer from low self esteem.Why do I think they’re lucky?Well they have the benefit of being able to think things through before acting.Maybe sometimes it an irrational fear but that is way better than how I am.I have what I like to call an over inflated sense of self confidence that borders to annoying cockiness.It’s all well and good when I’m making a speech in front of a crowd,no big deal.but its a different story when I’m simply talking to someone.

I say whatever is on my mind.Often that just comes off as  a misunderstanding on their part and feelings get hurt.I don’t think I’m a mean person I just have a lot of opinions.And maybe I should keep some of those opinions to myself..

BY THE WAY,I just want to put this out there.

Everyone acts like the confident person is the villain.That’s not fair at all…We all have our struggles,but the confident ones are better at hiding them from the world.





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