It’s easy being young.These raging mid twenties where you’re supposed to have it all figured out.Most people I know are brave,braver than I am anyways,to be married and eager to procreate as soon as possible and as many as possible.Well,good luck with that…Some of them can’t even decide which shoes to wear but to each his own.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this feeling.The old enough to know better and yet young enough to do it anyway phase of my life.Casual non committal relationships,ignoring my biological clock slowly creeping up on me,much like a silent insidious disease.Binge drinking,binge eating,binge shopping,everything and anything binge.And then I wake up the next morning,go what the fuccckkkkkk..and pick up the pieces,then resume my life as normal.It’s easier to be not so hard on myself when I make stupid mistakes at this time in my life.There’s not much at stake,not yet.

See ‘real adults’ (sorry i can’t think of a better term,but hopefully you know the type of persons I mean),they aren’t able to do that sort of thing.I’m not saying that the life they live is shit compared to mine..Let me just put it this way.I wouldn’t be flirting up  a storm if I had a committed partner to come home to.I wouldn’t be so careless if I had a child to look after.There’s just more responsibilities going on thats all.I want to have all that,rest assured.And when that time comes I’ll be posting about it non stop I’m sure,complaining and gushing in equal measure.




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