The jaded senior lugging thick books and a trusted iPad on one hand,and a half eaten sandwich clutched in the other.The smiling hopeful faces of well dressed freshmen.Volunteers’ patience being tested by very eager parents,they are paying for the tuition fees after all.They must get their money’s worth.Welcome to orientation week,day 3

And in the middle of all that,there I was with my girlfriends updating each other about our holiday shenanigans.I seem amused.Just laughing on cue at their jokes and the men that left just as abruptly as they had came, left their lives this past balmy Australian summer.Ladies are easy to mislead.All you have to do is smile and be as polite as possible yet witty and  you become the most popular girl in your course.

But you are entirely something else.You’re the one of the few people who can see right through my false pretense.We passionately argue and make love like only newlyweds can.You call me me out on my bullshit and that’s one of the things that I love about you.

Of course,you’re not here.In this crowd of students lapping up the last few days of pure bliss before assignments and deadlines consume the best of us your face is nowhere to be found.I keep searching for you,the strong chiseled features,that slightly lopsided grin and mischievous smiling eyes.

These hours between that time we said goodbye and that much anticipated one where we see each other again,they’re just fleeting meaningless hours to me.Until then I’m not really living,I merely exist.

They say love is blind.The hopeless romantic in me begs to differ.People who aren’t in love,those are the ones that are blind.Because they can’t see what I see when I look at you.

I don’t pay attention to what they say.I don’t try to convince them other wise because if I had succeeded,they would want you as well.

So kiss me quick before this fire burns out and all that we’re left with are the memories.



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