Thought I’d just let you know what I’ve been up to so far.I’m currently in Malaysia,where I call home,but I spend most of the year in Perth as an international student of Pharmacy.

Five days to go before Melbourne.Excited and yet cant believe half of my Malaysian holiday is now over.A week in Melbourne and then I’ll be back in Perth insha’allah.. 🙂 

.Back to the job hunt that will somehow end in work for yours truly,as well as uni.I’m sorry I haven’t been updating this WordPress as often as I should but life was hectic before.

The best thing about being back at home is waking up at whatever time I like and not having to worry about food and the bus schedule.The worst part is being away from my Mister,that and the weather.My love hate relationship with this hot and humid sticky weather is an enduring one.

 I don’t blame my friends for not being able to see me,after all I am only here for ten days and there is that thing,that we conveniently turn to during these times, commitments.

A lot of commitments.

just comes with growing up and being an adult i guess.






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