All are welcome here.The misfits,the rebels,the socially challenged.All are welcome

Thats what the sign outside says.I don’t think I belong here.But then again the matter of belonging somewhere was never a problem.At least not for me.

You know the girl with the perfect hair,perfect smile and easy grace.All she had to do was say hello to you and you would feel like the luckiest person alive.

That used to be me.Back then I didn’t think it would all come crashing down on me like a meteor.

I discreetly check my watch,I just want to get this over with and leave.Pretend it never happened and get on with my life.

Avoid all eye contact and awkward conversation with these weirdos,head straight for the car where L would be waiting,clad in black and trying her best to get along with me.A fake smile and mindless chit chat about my day, as if I can’t see her fingers drumming on the steering wheel,a sign she can’t wait to get back to her office at home and continue with work.

It’s a good distraction I suppose,gets her mind off of things.Especially things that have to do with me.

She used to be tolerable,now she’s just annoying.

I know I shouldn’t be too harsh on her.She may not be my real mum,but she sure tries.Maybe I’ll bake a brownie later.And we can share it over vanilla ice cream and a mutual love hate relationship with reality television.

A lady greets me at the door and asks that

“Kindly put away your earphones and other belongings in the locker,we’re about to start the session”









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