Our story,like most stories,begins with a boy.

He spends his weekends out with the gym buddies  and do what boys do until the sun peeks out

.Our boy wakes up in another new bed in a foreign part of town

.Come Monday its all just another something to share at lunch on campus.

Another easy fuck they call it.

That was before she walked into his life,THE girl.

There’s always that one girl,with her charm and easy conversation skills.Although,let’s be honest,her cleavage and dress also played some part.

It’s during one of those balmy summer nights out that he meets her.Blame it on the heat,blame it on the alcohol.One thing’s for sure.She’d drawn him in when he found himself laughing at her jokes,and his heart skipped a beat when she smiled.No,not really a smile,but more like a halfway point between a smile and a smirk.

Things would have ended the way they always ended,if she had not refused to bring him to her place.She even said no to exchanging numbers.Well that’s a first.

Maybe I’ll see you around uni some time” she said cheekily before leaving,a posse of fragrance and hairspray trailing behind her.


It would be almost a week before he saw her again.

“Of course I remember. I’m certainly glad to see you again”

Under the harsh library lights and away from the nightlife craziness where they met,he found out about so much more about her.Her commitment to her course.how caring she was about her friends.how she hated being late for lectures.How she planned to take swimming lessons because the social life in sunny Perth always involved a swimming pool or the ocean and the like and she hated feeling left out of things.How when she was nervous her face would flush a deep red.

All sorts of new things,things that made her human and so much more real than just another girl from the club.







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