Don’t expect me to not feel hurt after all the pain you caused.I admit a little part of me died inside when you left,felt like you ripped apart what was left of our fragile relationship.

But I will not resort to crying,begging,and causing a fuss.That’s what you want me to show,that I’m miserable without you.You expect crazy drama bitch updates on all forms of social media accounts I have.If only for you to feel like you made a good decision,that you saved yourself from my temperament,that you were better off without me.

It is what most girls would do,i admit.All the drama and the stalker tendencies.But not this girl.I’ll be the exception.

I’ll focus on me now.

I won’t let this breakup own me.Rather,I choose to own this breakup instead.

I won’t let you see me crumble.Besides,I was always good at rising above the circumstances.And remember how you said I was amazing,now without you I have the potential to be awesome.

And if there’s nothing else I can get from you,then at least let me have your respect.


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