My housemate moved out.Not yesterday,not last month.But three months ago.Time sure flies and now it’s been three whole months since she left us.Before anyone jumps to conclusions,she didn’t move out due to conflict.She left to go live with her boyfriend.

It’s just one of those,people moving on to the next phase in their life kind of thing.

I’d be lying if i said i don’t miss her.I’ll always remember going grocery shopping together and deciding which flavor of ice cream to buy or arguing whether to get tomato based pasta sauce or the creamy kind.Going jogging alone is awful,I don’t have anyone to nudge when a cute guy runs past or someone to complain to, about how my day went.

I’m happy for her of course.I’m happy she’s found a man worth living with.And I’m proud she took the next step in life,its a huge step but she toughened up and took a chance which is a level higher than commitment phobic yours truly.

But I hate not being able to knock on her door  and expect her to hear me whine when I come home.

That part still hurts .


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