How often do you wake up in the morning feeling alive and well rested?That maybe today you’ll finally finish assembling that cupboard,or you’ll actually bake dessert for once instead of relying on the ‘fresh from the oven’ selection available at that tiny grocery store down the block.

Sit there in the morning,cup of coffee in hand ,I’ll just check my instagram feed and facebook for a couple of minutes….oops 12 pm time for lunch.Maybe I’ll just have a quick ‘healthy’ granola bar .Surely I can study after I have food,brain needs energy to survive.

Forget the fact that sugar is not a macronutrient.

(fyi : Nope ,its not.The macronutrients are carbohydrate,fats,and protein.look that up.and while you’re at it,donate some 3 bucks to wikipedia so that they’ll finally take off that annoying header.. I’ve forked out that amount of money just so that i won’t have to see it again..come on kids get with the program.or put it off for later) .

Five minutes into mind mapping for Infectious Diseases and the Vaccination Schedule in Australia and I spy my newly bought nail polish bottle.It’s just sitting there,in all its ruby red glory tempting me.

So now I have pretty nails and more than half of my lecture notes left to finish revising on.


. I am so screwed.


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