For a while,I tried the online dating thing.

Upload photos,describe yourself,click on someone’s profile, and off you go riding into the sunset.

Sounds simple enough.

NOT.  There have been mishaps. I’m perfectly okay with adding guys i met online on to my facebook.No issues at all with that,my personal opinion is facebook would be a good tool to get to know the person better,plus I don’t post anything too TMI on there anyways.

Having said all that, it is  creepy and uncomfortable when someone feels  that they have the need  to question what I do that happens to pop up on the news feed and why I do it just because we’re now officially facebook friends.  This one dude asked what i was up to before since the all too accurate facebook messenger thing says that I was active four hours ago and that meant I was up at 5am.I wish I had something more interesting to say than I had been online chatting with friends in the UK hence the time difference and all.

The next day , I was at work from 10am to 5pm and so couldn’t be on my phone 24 hours a day which I had clearly told him before . The  same guy complains that I don’t have any respect for him and he doesn’t think we would make a good match.


Well,boohoo .And that’s why you’re single, Mister.






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