Someone once said married people invented netflix and chill . Which is fine,when you’ve already  had countless dates and misunderstandings  on your record and sometimes just want to have down time with your spouse.


What I don’t understand is when I go on online dating profiles and actually hear men surprised that I don’t go that way with a complete stranger .

Okay,calm down die hard feminists reading this ,I’m not going to sit here and slut shame any female who agrees to netflix and chill fully knowing she’d be having sex with this man. Whatever makes you happy,do you .

My problem is that I cannot completely comprehend why the opposite sex hate on the fact that I prefer an actual movie and dinner date, where I can at least know your last name and where you’re from before we even think about that first kiss.

Maybe it’s  the age gap . Am I too old for this generation of people who sleep with each other for months before being an actual couple?



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