I suppose I could start with  the way he shyly looks down,smiling to himself after I kiss him on the cheek.It’s that boyish reaction that makes me go for a quick innocent peck on the cheek instead of a full on pounce on his lap . The deadpan face as he makes another sarcastic joke that to someone else  would be considered offensive but to me,it shows he’s been paying attention to the details in our conversation. He talks about his family issues and how he wants to run away from all the poor little rich boy drama and live as a street performer,although he’s not entirely certain of what act to use as entertainment in exchange for spare change. Not that he’d actually go through with this sudden need to be spontaneous,he’s already mapped out how the next few months of the year should be for him and he will follow through with steadfast commitment. But I enjoy listening nonetheless,just picking out his brain and analysing his character. Seeing the world through him is something I never thought I would end up enjoying. He says I offer a different sort of insight,how I make him turn the lense around and see things from his parents’ point of view whenever there’s that inevitable disagreement again.He is defensive and stubborn by nature,it is at this point I feel lucky to be as patient as I am and and remind him that I’m always on his side, I only want him to see things from the opposing side so that at least,there can be better understanding. I haven’t met his parents, and as rare as it may sound I honestly cannot wait to do it. To see the mould that shaped the man I’m slowly falling in love with deconstruct everything I thought I already knew about him. And then he and I will sit and have a thorough debrief about how it went and what will we do next.I know couples say this a lot and it’s a well worn cliche,but I truly believe we make a great team.

Where he is the meticulous planner with a clear set of goals, I am the one with the analytical mind.I like living in the moment and observing and adjusting according the present.

I guess you could say he makes an endless lists,and I tick them off with description and notes underneath each.


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