I have so many words to say without knowing how to begin. I wish the days would go by faster and then I’d be able to fit my pinkie in the cleft of your chin .I have had days where the mere thought of your face sends me back to my happy place .I don’t wish for a miracle and I don’t need a perfect ending, All I want is you and your amazing ness and flaws that  could intertwine with my own messy inconsistencies ,  then maybe we would be flawed together but perfectly happy. We’d be complete and content with each other, without the glare of a missing awkward puzzle piece.

I catch myself before  I’m in too deep. I don’t want to get too attached. I fear that you’d be overwhelmed and  I won’t hear from you again. I fear tomorrow you’d drop the I’m not ready for a relationship talk , only to catch another girl’s face sitting a little too close to yours just a few weeks after. I dread the day when you realize that you can’t see me in your future.

I am scared that being with you would make me lose all sense of purpose and I’d have to give up on everything I’d ever dreamt of and worked hard for.

I suppose that that’s the problem with young ish people these days. So self absorbed and obsessed with the worst case scenario that we fail to truly take a chance .







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