The first time I attempted to cuddle was with this guy I had been ‘hanging out’ with  on and off for way longer than I should have . It wasn’t anything serious between me and him and we’d say our awkward goodbyes after awesome fuck me hard sessions. (At the time) We weren’t really that close on any kind of other levels other than physical  but I had come across a meme on my Facebook timeline and wanted to give this mysterious realm of holding an actual person in bed  instead of my pillow or the torn stuffed rabbit given to me as an infant a try.

He turned over after he was done .Any other day this would end in both our backs to each other  just giving in to sleep before  he gets up to leave .Not today.  I went  for the kill and slipped my hand over him ,  anticipating the worst .


He might just jump up without a word and that would be the last time I ever see of the fella. Or he would probably turn to me and we’d be all set for round two.

Neither happened . Instead he brings himself closer to me and nudges for my leg to hook over him .Not an easy thing to do when I’m a mere   5’2 and this fuck buddy of mine is a rugby athlete of 6’3 proportion.  I manage to make it just comfortable for the both of us. He sighs , one of those stupidly relaxed content sighs. You know it, its like the one   new parents do when they see their little cherub for the first time ? yeah that one. and falls into deep sleep with me straddling him from behind like that.

This time before he leaves, he tries to actually kiss me on the lips. Our mouths have been everywhere else on each other but the lips are uncharted territory .  That’s the thing with fuck buddies I suppose, real intimacy just doesn’t happen. I back off so he kisses my forehead instead. Again, new unexplored area of somewhat public display of affection. I say public because A, we’re not in my bedroom anymore and B, my flatmate is across the room and she  tries her hardest not to stare at us .

I think the forehead kiss was nice. Am I REALLY blushing right now ?



Oh fuck .




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