I remember getting only slightly agitated. My uber driver, bless his heart  was only trying to help. I had no idea where this rum bar place was and we had circled the same area about twice now.I was close to losing it so I called possible mistake number 2 up just as I insisted on walking out of the  Uber car with the terribly sweet air freshener.

I was blunt but not rude as directed by the dating book I was currently reading.Apparently it’s one of those hip, hidden in an alleyway types of bars that you would need a password for to get in.I’d only heard of such places in romantic comedies and spy movies that walking towards one at that very moment made me more excited than meeting this guy.

That was it,I told him.Either he came out and look for me or I leave.

He chuckled slightly and few minutes later emerged from a nondescript door at the end of the alleyway. I took him in under the corner of my eye.He is not ugly. Let’s say  Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds made a pact with the devil responsible for the charming awkwardness of Mark Zuckerberg and produced this person in front of me. He seemed different to what I was used to, and that being athletic gym type guys who act all dominant in public but want me to be the jetpack (Look it up on Reddit) at bedtime. I tried to remind myself to look past appearances and give this guy a chance.Besides, if nothing else,at least I’d get to brag to the girls about this cool new hidden bar we’d surely be visiting as a group soon.

I’ve been on dates before.And I’ll admit not all men are jerks. I’ve been lucky in that most of the guys were nice and respectful enough but in those cases it was a matter of the  conversation being strained or there wasn’t a connection. Another time I could just tell the guy was still hung up over his ex and the dog they now shared custody of.

Surprisingly enough,the date at the rum bar went well. Better than well,that I found myself agreeing to go salsa dancing after.











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