He is 83. Stumbling across the road like he was going to fall over. I just wished he wouldn’t because then one of the cars would be sure to run him over and  i’d be the only witness and no doubt Perth 9 News would demonize me for not helping a poor old man out. Imagine that. A foreign student in debt barely getting enough sleep worrying about a measly  old timer .

Of all the seats there, he had to sit next to me. Grinning,he begins an interesting little conversation about how his knees hurt and his hips buckle,and he wishes he was my age so that he’d be able to run in the mornings when he was younger instead of nursing the hangovers that was his glory younger days.

I notice a tear in his sleeve and instantly feel remorse as he tells me that that’s the only good shirt he owns.His wife passed three years ago and he hasn’t bothered buying a new one since. How romantic,I can’t even get a guy to text me back .

Time flies so fast , he says. It felt like just yesterday he sent his son to university and now there’s three grandchildren in the family.Sometimes he wishes it would go faster so that it would be time for them to visit him. Everyone is so busy these days,even when they’re visiting him they seem to be more interested in their phones than they are of him.Makes him wants to throw those awful little square things in the river. I laugh at this but he doesn’t seem to budge.Maybe he wasn’t kidding.

His bus arrives.  ”Thanks for listening to an old man yapping. Maybe the last conversation I have”

I can only smile.






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