That phone call, it changed everything and yet nothing changed. How dare people keep smiling and laughing. How dare the sun come up and keep shining even after the most important part of my life is gone? How selfish is it for me to expect the world to stop spinning for the sake of me and my grief.

My dad has passed. I wake up and realize it is not a dream , my dad has passed and I reinforce it to myself to make it easier in some twisted way. Sometimes it’s easier for me to just ignore the pain and move forward get on with my day. Easier said than done. But I catch myself looking at young toddlers with their grandchildren and realize my dad will never get to meet his. He will never get to give me away at my wedding.

I know I cannot allow myself to dwell on it. Death is a part of life.It was only a matter of time before it caught up with my beautiful family. I cannot allow myself to stay in that dark place because I just know that it will take me into its seductive fold and I will succumb to it, no matter how proud I think I am. Grief is a complicated thing.

I make myself see the positive and realize he would not have wanted me to be strong. He would have wanted me to carry on. And most of all I know I am lucky enough to have had him in my life. I carry his wisdom , his eternal optimism within me and that can never be taken away from me.

poems by men

My resident of solitude, my everything, my beloved,my shining moon

My friend, my privacy, my everything, my shah of beautiful, my sultan

My life, my existence, my lifetime, my wine of youngness, my heaven

My spring, my joy, my day, my beloved, my laughing rose

My delight, my sugar, my treasure, my delicate in world My saint, my joseph,my everything, my khan of my heart’s egypt

My istanbul,my karaman,my land of rum my Bedehsan, my Kipchak, my Bagdad,my Horosan

My long haired, my bow like eyebrow, my eye full of discord, my patient </p

My blood is on your hands if i die, mercy o my non Muslim

I am a flatterer near your door, I always praise you Heart is full of sorrow,eye full of tears, I am Muhibbi and I am happy

  • By Suleiman The Magnificent to Hurrem Sultan

” We can choose to act with urgency,or have urgency thrust upon us. But there’s a reason someone coined the phrase, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” when your back is against the wall,when your options are limited,when time is not on your side,a certain clarity can set in,bringing with it a boldness you might not have known you had in you . Soldiers find extraordinary bravery in the heat of a battle, everyday citizens perform acts of heroism during disasters,and people accomplish unimaginable feats when they’re running out of time.They might not be wholly aware of the risks, be able to calculate their impact.They just act. “

  • Chapter 21 ; Seize the moment , Be Fearless ; Jean Case

The one after R.

Awkward. Shy. Words that came to mind on that first date . He was unlike any other guy I’d had ever known other than the obvious cheeky glance down my top . He didn’t try to hard to impress me with a possible work promotion or over embellished travel stories.

We had to split the bill, because he didn’t have much money, he says sheepishly .Any other woman would have blocked him as soon as she got him, but not me.

I didn’t. I was intrigued by his reserved demeanour and simply waited for his next move.

I finally visited his home three weeks later by his invitation . A gorgeous neighbourhood with peppermint trees and fancy cars lined the manicured streets.The large peppermint trees giving shade and privacy to the grand homes inherited over the generations. I knew he wanted me to be impressed by all the grandeur and circumstance, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction.Outwardly, I kept my composure and made it seem that I was more impressed by the adorable dogs on a leash going on a stroll.

It was a very hot afternoon here in Perth and I fibbed, pretending to not know how to swim.I also pretended to not bring a swimsuit so i could be in the water in undies .I knew this meant he’d have to touch me more and he even gave me a piggyback in the water.

A lady does not kiss and tell but yes, out of the two of us I’m clearly the more experienced and that afternoon I was not proven wrong.If I thought he was awkward and shy before, this time I can say he’s proven himself to be also, genuine with a kind of charm that I found refreshing . He was not the elitist snob that I had assumed him to be and for that I am glad.

My hope for this blossoming companionship is that my patience and loving encouragement will coax him out of his shell and flourish. Maybe somehow he will see what everyone else can see when they look at him.It’s probably not love or lust, one can’t seem to decide at the moment.

Whatever we are and whatever we turn out to be, I enjoy his company I am touched by his sincerity.

seul le temps nous le dira – Only time will tell


The thoracic cage has a dome shape which leads to many advantages to the structure of the body ;


It’s high in strength and rigidity.


Acts as an anchoring attachment for muscles of the upper limbs, (the arms and forearms)

3. Pressure

To limit the internal pressures in the lungs and the pressures generated by inspiratory movements.


The thoracic cage provides origin of attachment for upper limbs and the origin of the muscles of abdomen,neck and respiration.

excerpt from books

Excerpt from

Be Fearless : 5 Principles for a life of Breakthroughs and Purpose by Jean Case

Let urgency conquer fear

Don’t overthink and overanalyze. It’s natural to want to study a problem from all angles but getting caught up in questions like “what if we’re wrong?” and “what if there’s a better way?” can leave you paralyzed with fear. Allow the compelling need to act to overweigh all doubts and setbacks

Reach beyond your bubble

Our society is in thrall of the myth of the lone genius.But innovations happen at intersections.Often the most original solutions come from engaging with people with diverse experiences to forge new and unexpected partnerships.

Make failure matter

Great achievers view failure as a part of a necessary part of advancing towards success.No one seeks it out,but if you’re trying new things, the outcome is by definition uncertain. When failure happens,great innovators make the setback matter, applying the lessons learned and sharing them with others.

Be bold, take risks

Have the guts to try new, unproven things and the rigor to continue experimenting.Risk taking is not a blind leap off of a cliff but a lengthy process of trial and error.And it doesn’t end with the launch of a product or the start of a movement. You will need to be willing to risk the next big idea,even if it means upsetting your own status quo.

Make a big bet

So many people and organizations are naturally cautious.They look at what seemed to work in the past and try to do more of it,leading to only incremental advances.Every truly history making transformation has occured when people have decided to go for revolutionary change.

For all my writers out there

How to get out of a writing rut

Do what you fear. For me it was going without coffee, so I regularly went without it Tuesday to Sunday. Coffee is something I now only have on Mondays and the odd once a month catch up. My point here is to be acutely aware of what’s holding you back and destroy it by implementing necessary action. Maybe it’s the daunting task of starting to write

Water is great for you and its a wonderful alternative to caffeine,but you already know that.

This one is a direct excerpt from an article of The Writing Cooperative can’t remember which one so dont shoot me..

Versatility ; This is essential if you wish to become a full fledged working writer and take that ‘aspiring’ tag before the word writer. After all, life’s short and we can’t all be ‘aspiring writers’ forever….Create and brainstorm (okay doodle,mindmaps, draft it,delete, rinse and repeat as I’m sure we all do) a variety of styles around the topics that interests you. Educate,blogwrite, copywrite,ghostwrite, .. etc etc . Like a muscle and virtually any hobby, the more you train at it the better you get.

Vulnerability ; Most writers are avid readers. An avid reader can tell when a writing piece is forced or fake instead of genuine. It doesn’t matter what type of reader you’re aiming for, they all crave something deeply honest that can only come from a writer with pure heart and true, violent passion.

Volume ; The published writer is the writer that never gave up. Enough said.

Sometimes it all goes down the drain and you literally (haha excuse the pun) cannot be bothered. Don’t stress, don’t beat yourself up . Take a break, go for a walk, adventure to an unfamiliar area of your city . Anything.

You never know,inspiration might be just around the corner..

Learn French with me

Les endroits dans le quartier (Places in the neighbourhood)

Airport l’aeroport museum le muse’e

park le parc pastry shop la p’atisserie

bakery la boulangerie post office th

bank la banque restaurant le restaurant

shopping centre le centre commercial store le magasin

church l’e’glise synagogue la synagogue

gas station la station service theatre le th’e’atre

grocery store l’ e’picerie train station la gare

hair salon le salon de coiffure university l’ universite’

hospital l’h’opital

hotel l’hotel

library la bibliothe’que

movie theatre le cine’ma

Fun facts

Les premiers restaurants (First Restaurants)

M. Boulanger ouvre le premier restaurant << moderne >> ‘a Paris vers 1765. C’est le premier ‘a proposer de la nourriture sur table a’ toute heure. Il offre un choix de plats sur une carte. Dans les autres e’tablissements, comme les auberges (inns), il y a seulement un plat propose’ par le cuisiner .

Mr Boulanger opens the first modern restaurant in Paris. This is the first to offer food on the table at any time. It offers a choice of dishes on a map. In the other establishments, like the inns , there is only one dish proposed by the cook.

Water fast, back at it


Hello friends, today is my first day back at water fast after about three months break. A misconception about fasting and starving i often get from my colleagues and friends is this, “I am torturing myself by starving” ..Its not true.

Fasting is intentional and whereas starving is when someone denies you food and you’re dependant on them or and unfortunate event (lost in the woods or stuck in a cave perhaps) causes you to be left without a choice but to not eat.I could end my fast right now and go to the cafe buy a sandwich, I just choose not to.

Extended fasting is and was all about mental strength. It’s about changing your preconceived notions about food. Consider the need for three meals a day.. That’s just society telling you what you need. The truth is your body is stronger than you ever imagined.

Fasting to me is about regulating my eating habits, it may be extreme to some but its worked for me before. A simple water fast of five days turned me into once a week coffee person instead of my every morning caffeine fix.See the difference? It’s amazing what the body can do when you test its limits like this. Also, when was the last time you experienced hunger, like real hunger. Often I used to eat because I was sad getting over a boyfriend, or after I’ve had a long day.Then feel terrible afterwards.

When I’m not on a water fast I’m able to let my body give me proper hunger cues instead of reaching for a chocolate bar just to satisfy a momentary craving.

Every time the thought of food came across my mind, I distract myself instead. This time its writing to you guys and its definitely helping me stay accountable.Other times it could be meditating or going for a walk.

If I’m at home and itching for a snack ,I ask myself if I really need that. Then watch a funny show or a Distract ! Distract !Distract! is the name of the game.

These days I find gentle yoga really helps. Obviously I’m not a health professional so please attempt at your own pace and listen to your body.

What about you? what are your water fast strategies ?